Jende Industries Guided Sharpening System

The Jende Industries Guided Sharpener or J.I.G.S For Short


In 2019, the owner of Jende Industries developed a revolutionary sharpening system that would redefine the world of sharpening. This system combined the best features from existing sharpeners with innovative concepts like the Exacudrive gear system to create a virtually indestructible sharpening solution.

Jende Industries introduced this ground-breaking idea on the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to gather support and funding for its development.

Over two years, with the assistance of one of the Zanvak owners, the system took shape, boasting a range of remarkable features. Notably, it incorporated the Exacudrive gearing system, allowing for micro-controlled adjustments of the sharpening angle within 0.0125° increments.

The Kickstarter campaign turned out to be a massive success, achieving full funding in just three days. You can view the original campaign here. As the system entered full-scale production, some minor enhancements were made to further refine its already robust design.

The above video is from the original Kickstarter campaign.

What Are the Specifications?

  • Stainless Steel Construction - Built to be solid and sturdy, capable of withstanding any weather conditions or usage environments, ensuring durability even with heavy use.
  • Dishwasher Safe - Ideal for commercial kitchens, the J.I.G.S can endure exposure to cleaning and sanitizing agents as well as high temperatures.
  • Mountable Base - The J.I.G.S system can stand alone or be securely bolted or mounted to a table or base for enhanced stability, control, and security during sharpening.
  • Macro Angle Adjust - Quickly gets you close to the desired sharpening angle.
  • Exacudrive Micro Adjust - Allows for easy and highly accurate angle adjustments, setting a new standard for precision in the market. The Exacudrive gear system offers adjustable angles within 0.025 degrees.
  • Movable Clamps - Enables you to customize the clamp placement to securely hold any type of knife.
  • 1 Tool Clamping Operation - Simplifies the clamping process, requiring only one tool for operation.
  • Spring Action Stone Changes - Facilitates fast and effortless stone changes.
  • Magnetic Stone Holder - Securely holds the angle cube, allowing for hands-free, precise, and consistent measurements.
  • 26" (65cm) Sharpening Capability - Accommodates a wide range of knives, including pocket knives, chef knives, watermelon knives, cake knives, and machetes with ease.
  • 12-26 Degree Angle Range - Offers flexibility in sharpening angles, going slightly beyond the specified range in both directions.


Who Is It For?

  • Chefs - Every chef understands that a sharp knife is safer and more efficient than a dull one. The J.I.G.S System allows chefs to quickly sharpen their knives, perform easy touch-ups during their shifts, and achieve longer-lasting, superior cutting edges. This system can handle a variety of knives, from a 2.5" paring knife to a 12" chef knife, a Chinese cleaver, or a 14" cake knife with precision. The 1x6 stones used with the J.I.G.S can be conveniently stored in knife rolls for portability and on-demand use.
  • Commercial Kitchens - Constructed from stainless steel and dishwasher-safe, the J.I.G.S System is an ideal choice for commercial kitchens. It can be securely bolted to a fixed sharpening station, ensuring stability and preventing misplacement. Its dishwasher-safe nature allows for easy sanitization, reducing the kitchen's liability associated with contamination and foodborne illnesses. Employees can either purchase their own sharpening gear to match their preferences or use a set of house stones.
  • Outdoorsmen, Hunters, and Fishermen - For those involved in hunting, camping, and fishing, having sharp knives is essential. The J.I.G.S System ensures that you leave the house with sharp blades, making tasks such as setting up camp, bushcraft, field dressing, or filleting a fish effortless with a keen edge. The 1x4 or 1x6 stones used with the system are excellent for on-the-go touch-ups in the field.
  • Sharpeners of All Levels - Whether you're a collector of fine knives, sharpening your everyday carry (EDC) blades, maintaining kitchen knives, or simply enjoy sharpening as a hobby or business, the J.I.G.S System offers unmatched flexibility and precision to meet your needs and desires for sharpening.


If you're in search of a sharpening system that checks most, if not all, the boxes, be sure to consider adding the J.I.G.S System to your list of options. Its robust construction and unique features make it a standout choice in the world of sharpening.