Atoma Diamond Sharpening stone Plates 1x4 - All Grits

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  • 1x4 Atoma diamond plates designed for fast cutting, durability, and consistent finish
  • Secured to a standard 1x4" aluminium blank compatible with the KME System
  • Can be used as slip stones, field stones, and pocket stones
  • Electro-bonded diamonds on a steel sheet adhered to an aluminium backing
  • Can be used dry or with water

The 1x4 Jende KME Atoma Advanced Diamond Technology Plate Kit features diamond plates that are designed to cut faster, last longer, and deliver a consistent finish at each grit level. These plates are securely attached to a standard 1x4" aluminium blank, making them compatible with the KME System. Not only are they ideal for use with the KME System, but they can also serve as slip stones, field stones, or pocket stones.

The diamonds on the Atoma plates are electro-bonded to a steel sheet, which is then adhered to the aluminium backing. This construction ensures the plates' durability and effectiveness. You can choose to use the Atoma diamond plates dry or with water, depending on your preference or sharpening technique.

  • Plate Size: 1"x4"
  • Plate Material: Diamond electro-bonded to steel sheet on aluminium backing
  • Compatibility: KME System
  • #140 Atoma Diamond Plate: Ideal for heavy reprofiling and removing deep chips from blades
  • #400 Atoma Diamond Plate: Works well for lighter reprofiling on knives with lighter chips, also suitable for reprofiling factory bevels
  • #600 Atoma Diamond Plate: Leaves a consistent scratch pattern and prepares the bevel for higher grit stones like the #1200 Atoma or low grit Japanese water stones
  • #1200 Atoma Diamond Plate: Refines scratch patterns and prepares the bevel for use with Japanese water stones, such as the #1000 Chosera

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