2x6 Jende Bench Strop

Variant: Kangaroo Leather
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  • Jende cow leather strops ideal for maintaining edges
  • Kangaroo leather strops for precise angle maintenance
  • Jende Nanocloth Ultra with consistent feedback in all directions
  • Honeycomb structure for effective abrasive retention
  • Color-coded Acrylic base for easy grit identification
  • Laser etched for clear and durable identification marks
  • Compatible with Jende Poly Diamond Emulsions

Jende offers three variants of strops designed for freehand stropping. The Jende cow leather strops are available in various sizes to cater to your stropping needs. These vegetable tanned cow leather strops serve as excellent mediums for edge maintenance. They can be used clean or loaded with Jende Poly Diamond Emulsions for more aggressive stropping. The Jende Kangaroo strops, also available in different sizes, feature vegetable tanned Kangaroo leather. These strops provide ideal stropping mediums for edge maintenance and can be used clean or loaded with Jende Poly Diamond Emulsions. The Kangaroo bench strops come on acrylic for stability and easy recognition. The thicker cow leather offers more assistance with convex edges due to its sponginess, while the slim Kangaroo leather is great for maintaining an exact angle with minimal risk of convexing the bevel.

The Jende Nanocloth Ultra is a synthetic stropping material that offers consistent feedback in all directions. Unlike other weaved strops that exhibit noticeable resistance change feedback variations, the Nanocloth Ultra ensures uniform feedback. Its honeycomb structure allows the emulsions to fill up the honeycombs, keeping more abrasive on the strop and minimizing contact with your knife. This shape creates a snowshoe effect, resulting in even scratches during stropping. The honeycomb depth has little compression compared to general leather strops. The differential pressure can be adjusted to provide more or less aggression by adding pressure or using super light strokes. The color-coded Acrylic base enables easy identification of the desired grit, saving time and reducing confusion. The strops are laser etched for long-lasting and clear identification marks. They work equally well with Jende Poly Diamond Emulsions, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Grit to Micron Conversion:
    • 4 Micron (Pink) - 4,000 Grit
    • 2 Micron (Purple) - 8,000 Grit
    • 1 Micron (Blue) - 16,000 Grit
    • 0.5 Micron (Red) - 30,000 Grit
    • 0.25 Micron (Green) - 60,000 Grit
    • 0.10 Micron (Yellow) - 160,000 Grit
    • 0.025 Micron (Orange) - 600,000 Grit

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